July 18, 2012

Are YOU worth it?

We all know our health should be one of our top priorities, but we're also guilty of pushing it further and further down the priority list.  That's usually how it happens with a heavy multi-tasking society wanting everything on demand... until one day we get that wake up call that nobody wants.


There are thousands of people that need help right now and with obesity rates climbing the charts, it's quickly being tagged as an epidemic.  The numbers don't lie...
  • The number of U.S. states with at least a 30% obesity rate, tripled in the last several years.
  • A Harvard study is predicting that obesity will grow until 42% of our population is obese.
  • Number one contributor is a person's friends and family becoming overweight.

This needs to be stopped and it can be stopped together!

The Body by Vi Challenge is a perfect solution because everything is based around a simple and yet highly nutritious Vi-Shape shake that produces weight loss results.  It's one of the strongest and well balanced formulations on the market.

For some more information on the Vi-Shape Shake click here


April 12, 2012

BodybyVi Top 10... #10

ViSalus Top 10... #10


Is it not true?  That's why the BodybyVi Challenge is moving rapidly... "Vi-ral"!  Documentation and facts beat conversation and with over 40,000 new people starting their own personal challenge every month... it's hard to deny the results.

Who is behind ViSalus?  CEO Ryan Blair, CMO Blake Mallen and Blyth, Inc.

Everyone on a challenge loves talking about it.  It's a natural conversation, words of recognition and a social thing that people enjoy and potential share an interest in.  AND.. once you've decided to take The Challenge, you need to get a few people to do it with you for support, accountability and to see the results you expect.

SIMPLE... it's not some crazy regimen with miles of instructions, just set a personal weight loss, fitness or health goal and then select one of the ViSalus challenge kits and plug into their community of support and like-minded people for 90 days.  Track your progress, share your results and find encouragement along the way.

More than $25,000,000 in prizes, free product and transformation vacations isn't bad either.  Set a goal, take the challenge or you might even consider joining the fight against obesity and promoting the challenge.

Either way... it's worth 10 minutes of your time, so check it out.
BodybyVi Challenge Texas

April 2, 2012

Where are you now? Quick Health Profile

To help you understand where you're at, let's fill out ask some basic health profile questions to determine areas you could work on and improve during you're 90 day challenge.  These are YES or NO questions.  Add your total score up and save it so you can reference it after your bodybyvi challenge.

Healthy Habits:
  1. Do you eat breakfast everyday?
  2. Do you eat at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day?
  3. Do you eat enough fiber each day?
  4. Do you get enough calcium each day?
  5. Do you get low fat protein at each meal, each day?
Daily Care:
  1. Do you have good energy throughout the day?
  2. Do you have regular waste elimination?
  3. Is your immune system being supported daily?
  4. Do you eat to support a healthy heart?
  5. Do you exercise at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time?
  6. Do you drink enough fluids each day?
Weight & Body:
  1. Are you at your desired weight?
  2. Do you know your target Body Mass Index (BMI)?
  3. Are you happy with your current physique?
Your Score:
Add up all your YES answers and write that number down. 
  • 10 or more YES = you are doing great and the bodybyvi challenge products will help maintain your great shape!
  • 0-9 YES = you've got some room for improvement, so set some goals and choose the bodybyvi challenge kit that can help you achieve results and success in those areas.
**Come back to this in 90 days to see how many of your NO's have become a YES!**

February 24, 2012

ViSalus Vi-Shape Competitor Comparison

Vi-Salus Vi-Shape Shakes are a welcomed product that fights obesity on several fronts.  Of course it all starts with THE CHALLENGE.  A 90 day weight loss challenge focused on shedding pounds without implementing some crazy type of new fad diet.  The BodybyVi Challenge avoids yo-yo dieting and encourages 90 day committments to lose weight through ViSalus Sciences BodybyVi Challenge Kits.

The Challenge kits are built for anyone and everyone.  Whether it's Balance, Shape, Core, Transformation or a Fit kit, all budgets can handle replacing meals that already include TOO MANY CALORIES.  It's quite simple... "less calories in with more calories burned... equals weight loss".  Of course combinations of less calories and increased physical activity... equals more weight loss, BUT there are documented cases of families with no time for excersize replacing one to two meals per day with Vi-Shape shakes AND still lose a good amount of weight during their 90 day Challenge.

Transformation Vacation

The BodybyVi Challenge also encourages weight loss through a growing community of like-minded people who can blog about thier weight loss challenge, document the changes and find support from real people with the same weight loss challenges.  Whether it's customer driven or distributor driven, The BodybyVi Challenge is making an impact on obesity... one person at a time, one family at a time!

There are other meal replacement shakes on the market and a "comparison chart" is provided so you can review what's really in a Vi-Shape shake.  90 calories - 10 from fat, 0 Saturated, 0 Trans Fat, 15 mg Cholesterol, 75mg Sodium, 125mg Potassium, 7g Total Carbs, 5g Dietary Fiber, <1g Sugars and 12g of Protein with multi-minerals and vitamins included for a well balanced nutritional meal replacement that's simple and works!