April 2, 2012

Where are you now? Quick Health Profile

To help you understand where you're at, let's fill out ask some basic health profile questions to determine areas you could work on and improve during you're 90 day challenge.  These are YES or NO questions.  Add your total score up and save it so you can reference it after your bodybyvi challenge.

Healthy Habits:
  1. Do you eat breakfast everyday?
  2. Do you eat at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day?
  3. Do you eat enough fiber each day?
  4. Do you get enough calcium each day?
  5. Do you get low fat protein at each meal, each day?
Daily Care:
  1. Do you have good energy throughout the day?
  2. Do you have regular waste elimination?
  3. Is your immune system being supported daily?
  4. Do you eat to support a healthy heart?
  5. Do you exercise at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time?
  6. Do you drink enough fluids each day?
Weight & Body:
  1. Are you at your desired weight?
  2. Do you know your target Body Mass Index (BMI)?
  3. Are you happy with your current physique?
Your Score:
Add up all your YES answers and write that number down. 
  • 10 or more YES = you are doing great and the bodybyvi challenge products will help maintain your great shape!
  • 0-9 YES = you've got some room for improvement, so set some goals and choose the bodybyvi challenge kit that can help you achieve results and success in those areas.
**Come back to this in 90 days to see how many of your NO's have become a YES!**

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