February 24, 2012

ViSalus Vi-Shape Competitor Comparison

Vi-Salus Vi-Shape Shakes are a welcomed product that fights obesity on several fronts.  Of course it all starts with THE CHALLENGE.  A 90 day weight loss challenge focused on shedding pounds without implementing some crazy type of new fad diet.  The BodybyVi Challenge avoids yo-yo dieting and encourages 90 day committments to lose weight through ViSalus Sciences BodybyVi Challenge Kits.

The Challenge kits are built for anyone and everyone.  Whether it's Balance, Shape, Core, Transformation or a Fit kit, all budgets can handle replacing meals that already include TOO MANY CALORIES.  It's quite simple... "less calories in with more calories burned... equals weight loss".  Of course combinations of less calories and increased physical activity... equals more weight loss, BUT there are documented cases of families with no time for excersize replacing one to two meals per day with Vi-Shape shakes AND still lose a good amount of weight during their 90 day Challenge.

Transformation Vacation

The BodybyVi Challenge also encourages weight loss through a growing community of like-minded people who can blog about thier weight loss challenge, document the changes and find support from real people with the same weight loss challenges.  Whether it's customer driven or distributor driven, The BodybyVi Challenge is making an impact on obesity... one person at a time, one family at a time!

There are other meal replacement shakes on the market and a "comparison chart" is provided so you can review what's really in a Vi-Shape shake.  90 calories - 10 from fat, 0 Saturated, 0 Trans Fat, 15 mg Cholesterol, 75mg Sodium, 125mg Potassium, 7g Total Carbs, 5g Dietary Fiber, <1g Sugars and 12g of Protein with multi-minerals and vitamins included for a well balanced nutritional meal replacement that's simple and works! 


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