July 18, 2012

Are YOU worth it?

We all know our health should be one of our top priorities, but we're also guilty of pushing it further and further down the priority list.  That's usually how it happens with a heavy multi-tasking society wanting everything on demand... until one day we get that wake up call that nobody wants.


There are thousands of people that need help right now and with obesity rates climbing the charts, it's quickly being tagged as an epidemic.  The numbers don't lie...
  • The number of U.S. states with at least a 30% obesity rate, tripled in the last several years.
  • A Harvard study is predicting that obesity will grow until 42% of our population is obese.
  • Number one contributor is a person's friends and family becoming overweight.

This needs to be stopped and it can be stopped together!

The Body by Vi Challenge is a perfect solution because everything is based around a simple and yet highly nutritious Vi-Shape shake that produces weight loss results.  It's one of the strongest and well balanced formulations on the market.

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