January 31, 2012

What's in a Vi-Shape™ SHAKE?

 Vi-Salus Sciences | Vi-SHAPE shake is a healthy meal replacement for everyone "on the go" and as we continue to push for faster, bigger, stronger, better, etc... this product compliments a busy lifestyle without sacraficing well balanced nutrition... as is the case with most "fast food".

Simply put..this is FAST FOOD MADE HEALTHY!  

Cutting calories seems to be more expensive and focusing on proper nutrition can be difficult as well as time-consuming. Vi-Shape™ is an ‘ideal meal’ that's pretty fast and saves you money while optimizing nutritional value. 

 A Vi-Shape™ meal = 2 scoops of the Vi-Shape® shake, mixed with soy, almond, coconut or non-fat milk for a creamy smooth, great tasting shake.  You can also mix it with water for an "on-the-go" protein snack.  For additional great tasting shakes, simply blend in fresh and frozen fruits. 
Vi-Salus | Vi-Shape Shake

  1. Vi-Shape® contains unique proteins with long-lasting nutrition, which help burn fat quickly while building lean muscle.
  2. Non-GMO soy protein = heart healthy with no isoflavones.
  3. A new patented fiber blend known as Fibersol, which helps keep you full longer.
  4. Aminogen maximizes protein and nutrient absorption.
  5. 23 Vitamins and minerals come together with other ingredients that help you burn fat.

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